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The Hurricane John Ford

The scene from The Hurricane where a powerful storm wipes an island right off the map.

Poster art for The Life Of Emile Zola


Bob Burns hosts the ceremony at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. Honoring movies released in 1937, the ceremony was pushed back a week due to flooding in that area. Darryl F. Zanuck was the very first recipient of the Irving G Thalberg Award. 4 Honorary Oscars were given: One for Edgar Bergen for Charlie McCarthy, W. Howard Greene for cinematography work on A Star Is Born, to Mack Sennett for his contributions to comedy on screen, and to the Museum Of Modern Art Film Library for making movies released from 1895 available to the public for research. After this year, the category for Best Dance Direction was eliminated by the Directors Guild Of America. Same thing with Best Assistant Director. Meanwhile, a Scientific and Technical Award was given to Agfa Ansco for Agfa Supreme and Agfa Ultra Speed pan motion picture negatives.

Winner Synopsis[]

The Old Mill won for Best Animated Short

Penny Wisdom won for Best Colored Live Action Short

Torture Money won for Best 2 reel Live Action Short

The Private Life Of Gannets won for Best 1 reel Live Action Short

A Star Is Born won for Best Story

Waikiki Wedding won for Best Original Song (Sweet Leilani)

One Hundred Men And A Girl won for Best Original Score

The Hurricane won for Best Sound Recording

A Damsel In Distress won for Best Dance Direction

The Awful Truth won for Best Director

Captains Courageous won for Best Actor

In Old Chicago won 2 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress and Best Assistant Director

The Good Earth won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Cinematography

Lost Horizon won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Film Editing

============================= AND FINALLY =========================================[]

The Life Of Emile Zola won 3 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Screenplay