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Scenes from WINGS (1927) -- Clara Bow, Buddy Rogers, Richard Arlen

Various clips from Best Picture winner Wings

Douglas Fairbanks the very first oscars host


This is the very first ceremony held at the Roosevelt Hotel on May 16, 1929. 270 people attended the ceremony, tickets were $5 bucks each. The ceremony was a private dinner. Douglas Fairbanks was the host. Cecil B. DeMille's eldest brother William C. helped out. Charlie Chaplin and the Warner Bros. studio were the first to recieve Honorary Oscars (Chaplin for Writing, directing, producing, and starring in "The Circus" and Warners for "The Jazz Singer"). Only 2 categories had nominees nominated without reference the film they worked on. The ceremony honored movies released in 1927 and 1928. This is the only year that the award categories for Best Unique And Artistic Production, Best Title Writing, and Best Engineering Effects were presented. After this year, the categories were eliminated

Winner Synopsis[]

Joseph Farnham won for Best Title Writing

Underworld won for Best Story

The Dove and Tempest won for Best Art Direction

Two Arabian Nights Won for Best Comedic Director

Street Angel won for Best Actress

The Last Comand and The Way Of All Flesh won for Best Actor

Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans won 3 Academy Awqards for Best Unique And Artistic Production, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography

Seventh Heaven won its 3 Academy Awards for Best Dramatic Director, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Story 

=============== AND FINALLY ====================[]

Wings won 2 Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Engineering Effects