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Great Screen Acting - The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart's performance in Treasure Of The Sierra Madre

Lawrence Olivier with his Oscar that he won for Hamlet. He becmae the first actor to ever direct himself in an Oscar winning performance.


For the first and only time, the Oscars had a theatre of its own to hold the ceremony, hosted by Robert Montgomerey. This was because pretty much all of Hollywood refused to support for they wanted to spread rumors that they tried to influence voters. This event had alot of firsts. Laurence Olivier directing himself in an Oscar winning performance, John Huston directed 2 people in their Oscar winning performances, his father John Huston in Sierra Madre, and Claire Trevor in Key Largo. Jane Wyman became the 1st actor to win for a performance with no lines. Joan Of Arc was the first film to get 7 noms without a nom for Best Picture. And also, the Costume Design awards have been introduced. 2 Class II Scientific/Technical Awards were given. one for Victor Caccialanza, Maurice Ayers, and Paramount's Construction Department for innovating Paralite. And one for Nick Kalten, Louis J. Witt, and Fox's Mechanical Effects Department for the process of preserving and flame proofing foliage. The Class III awards were given to Marty Martin, Jack Lannon, Russell Shearman and RKO's Special Effects Department and to A.J. Moran, and Warners' Electrical Department. Ivan Jandl recieved a Juvenile Award, Jerry Wald recieved an Iriving G. Thalberg Award, and 4 honorary oscars were given: one foe the French movie Monsieur Vincent, one for Walter Wagner for his contributions to the industry and for producing Joan of Arc, one for Sid Grauman as the master showman, and one for Adolph Zukor for his 40 years of contribution to the motion picture industry. 

Winners Synopsis[]

The Secret Land won for Best Documentary Feature

Toward Independence won for Best Documentary Short

Symphony Of A City won for Best one -reel Live Action Short

Seal Island won for Best 2 reel Live Action Short

The Little Orphan won for Best Animated Short

Portrait Of Jeanine won for Best Special Effects

The Snake Pit won for Best Sound Recording

The Paleface won for Best Original Song (Buttons and Bows)

Easter Parade won for Best Musical Score

The Search won for Best Story

Key Largo won for Best Supporting Actress

Johnny Belinda won for Best Actress

The Naked City won 2 Academy Awards for Best Black and White Cinematography and Best Film Editing

The Red Shoes won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Dramatic/Comedy Score and Best Technicolor Art Direction

Joan Of Arc won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Technicolor Cinematography and Best Technicolor Costume Design

Treasure Of The Sierra Madre won 3 Academy Awards Best Director, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Screenplay

============================ AND FINALLY ==================================[]

Hamlet won 4 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Black and White Art Direction and Best Black and White Costume Design