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Gary Cooper in High Noon


Bob Hope once again hosted the ceremony. For the first time the awards have been televised. The Broadcast switched from the Pantages in L.A. to the NBC International Theatre in New York where Frederic March was hosting the event there. It was gimick set up to boast up bi-coastal ceremony finances. AMPAS was turned down by a couple of movie studios and then asked NBC to broadcast the event for a $100,000 sponsorship fee. One of the technology in TV tricks used was that Hope had to wear his blue dress shirt iun his dinner suit for the white was considered too bright. It broadcasted from 10:30 at night to midnight, due to nominees performing on Broadway. The Greatest Show On Earth won that nights' best picture award and is now considered the worst best picture winners of all time. Plymouth Adventure became the only nominee in the Special Effects category and won the award by default. Cecil B. DeMille won an Irving G Thalberg award. Forbidden Games won an Foreign Film Award, and 5 Honorary Oscars were given. One for George Mitchell for being his cinematographic camera invention, one for Joseph M. Schenck for his distinguished contributions to the industry, one for Harold Lloyd for his good citizenship and master comic style, Merian C. Cooper for his innovations, and one for Bob Hope for his comic style, service to the industry, and devotion to American premise. Meanwhile, 2 Scientific and Technical Awards were given: One to Eastman Kodak for the introduction of Eastman color negative and Eastman color print film and one to the Ansco Film Division of General Aniline and Film Corporation for the introduction of Ansco color negative and Ansco color print film 

Winners Synopsis[]

Johann Mouse won for Best Animated Short

Light In The Window won for Best One reel Live Action Short

Water Birds won for Best Two reel Live Action Short

The Sea Around Us won for Best Documentary Feature

Neighbours won for Best Documentary Short

Breaking The Sound Barrier won for Best Sound Recording

With A Song In My Heart won for Best Musical Score

Come Back Little Sheba won for Best Actress

Viva Zapata won for Best Supporting Actor

The Lavender Hill Mob won for Best Original Screenplay

Moulin Rouge won 2 Academy Awards for Best Technicolor Art Direction and Best Technicolor Costume Design

The Quiet Man won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Technicolor Cinematography

High Noon won 4 Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Dramatic/Comedy Score, Best Original Song (High Noon {Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin'}), and Best Film Editing

The Bad And The Beautiful won 5 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actress, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Black And White Art Direction, Best Black and White Cinematography, and Best Black and White Costume Design

================================== AND FINALLY =================================[]

The Greatest Show On Earth won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Story