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On the Waterfront Terry's fight with

the scene where Terry fights off Friendly in On The Waterfront

Marlon Brando in a shot from On The Waterfront


Another day. Another ceremony at the Pantages with Bob Hope in Hollywood, but this time he's joined by Thelma Ritter hosting in New York. Here's an interesting note: Judy Garland who got nominated for her performance in A Star Is Born was pregnant and so NBC had everything set up in case she won, unfortunately for Judy the award instead went to Grace Kelly. The Gate Of Hell won a special foreign language film. 5 honorary oscars have been given. One for Kemp R. Niver for the Renovare Process that helped restore paper film, one for Greta Garbo for her acting, one to Danny Kaye for his talent and services to the industry, and  Jon Whitley and Vincent Waller won Juvenile oscars for their performances in the The Little Kidnappers while Paramount Pictures received the Scientific and Technical Award for VistaVision.

Winners Synopsis[]

When Magoo Flew won for Best Animated Short

The Vanishing Prairie won for Best Documentary Feature

Thursday's Children won for Best Documentary Short

This Mechanical Age won for Best One-reel Live Action Short

A Time Out Of War won for Best Two-reel Live Action Short

The Gate Of Hell won for Best Technicolor Costume Design

Sabrina won for Best Black and White Costume Design

The Glenn Miller Story won for Best Sound Recording

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers won for Best Musical Score

The High And The Mighty won for Best Dramatic Or Comedy Score

Broken Lance won for Best Story

The Barefoot Contessa won for Best Supporting Actor

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea won 2 Academy Awards for Best Technicolor Art Direction and Best Special Effects

Three Coins In The Fountain won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Technicolor Cinematography (the title song)

The Country Girl won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay

=========================== AND FINALLY ====================================[]

On The Waterfront won 8 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Original Screenplay, Best Black and White Art Direction, Best Black and White Cinematography, and Best Film Editing