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Diner Fight from GIANT (1956)

the fight scene from Giant

yul brynner and Deborah kerr during the shall we dance sequence from the king and i.


With the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and the NBC Theatre in New York once again sharing the places for the 1956 year (and hosted by Celeste Holm and Jerry Lewis), this is the first time that all 5 of the best picture nominees were in Technicolor. This is also the year that the Best Foreign Language Film category became a permanent competitive category. The Best Story category had some boo-boos. The first was that Dalton Trumbo won that year's award but could not get screen credit because he was blacklisted during that time. And second, Elwood Ullman and Edwards Bends who wrote the Frank Sinatra Bing Crosby musical High Society withdrew their names from consideration for they worked on the 1955 Bowery Boys movie of the same name. And John Ford's western classic The Searchers was snub of all nominations. Y. Frank Freeman was given a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, Buddy Adler was given an Irving G. Thalberg Award and Eddie Cantor received an Honorary Oscar for his services to the film industry/.


Mr. Magoo's Puddle Jumpers won Best Animated Short

Italy won Best Foreign Language Film for their entry La Strada

The Silent World won Best Documentary Feature

The True Story Of The Civil War won Best Documentary Short

Crashing The Water Barrier won Best One-reel Live Action Short

The Bespoke Overcoat won Best Two-reel Live Action Short

The Ten Commandments won Best Special Effects

The Solid Gold Cadillac won Best Black and White Costume Design

The Man Who Knew Too Much won Best Original Song (Que Sera, Sera, Sera {Whatever Will Be, Will Be})

The Brave One won Best Story

The Red Balloon won Best Original Screenplay

Written On The Wind won Best Supporting Actress

Lust For Life won Best Supporting Actor

Anastasia won Best Actress

Giant won Best Director

Somebody Up There Likes Me won 2 Academy Awards for Best Black and White Art Direction and Best Black and White Cinematography

The King And I won 5 Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Sound Recording, Best Musical Score, Best Technicolor Art Direction, and Best Technicolor Costume Design

======================= AND FINALLY =================================[]

Around The World In 80 Days won its 5 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Dramatic or Comedy Score, Best Technicolor Cinematography and Best Film Editing