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At the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Lost Angeles, the awards were once again hosted by Bob Hope. Although the film was considered a disaster at best, The Alamo earned some Oscar nominations including for Best Picture, but Chill Wills one of the stars of the movie criticized the cast for praying to have Wills win and claiming that this is more important than the soldiers praying for their lives before the real battle. Wayne was infuriated by this and so he made his own ad about Wills' "tastelessness", only for Grouch Marx to reveal a letter to Wills saying, "Dear Mr. Wills, I'm delighted to be your cousin, but I voted for Sal Mineo." Sol Loesser earned a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, while Hayley Mills earned the final Juvenile Oscar for her performance in Pollyana. This was the last year that the Juvenile Oscar was handed out. Gary Cooper received an Honorary Oscar for his memorable performances on-screen and the recognition he got because of them, but he was too ill to attend the ceremony, so his close friend Jimmy Stewart accepted it on his behalf (Cooper passed away a month later). Stan Laurel also received an Honorary Oscar only it was for his creative pioneering in cinematic comedy.


Munro won Best Animated Short

The Horse With The Flying Tail won Best Documentary Feature

Giuseppina won Best Documentary Short

Day Of The Painter won Best Live Action Short

Sweden won Best Foreign Language Film for their entry The Virgin Spring

The Facts Of Life won Best Black and White Costume Design

The Time Machine won Best Special Effects

Sons And Lovers won Best Black and White Cinematography

Never On Sunday won Best Original Song (title song)

Exodus won Best Dramatic or Comedy Score

Song Without End won Best Musical Score

Butterfield 8 Won Best Actress

Elmer Gantry won 3 Academy Awards for Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay

Spartacus won 4 Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor, Best Technicolor Art Direction, Best Technicolor Cinematography, and Best Technicolor Costume Design

===================== AND FINALLY ==================================[]

The Apartment won 5 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, Best Black and White Art Direction and Best Film Editing