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The Dot and the Line A Romance in Lower Mathematics

The animated short winner The Dot And The Line directed by legendary cartoon artist Chuck Jones

Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music


Hosted by Bob Hope at The Civic Auditorium, this is the first broadcast in color. The Sound OF Music and Doctor Zhivago are considered the most successful films of all time and are in the top 10 of commercially adjusted films ever made. Julie Christie beat Julie Andrews for leading actress. If Andrews won she would've been the 2nd actress to win 2 consecutive years in a row like Luise Rainer was. In attendance was first lady Lynda Bird Johnson escorted by actor George Hamilton. Hope received an Honorary award for his services to both the Academy and the motion picture industry, William Wyler earned a Irving G Thalberg Award, and Edmond L. DePatie


Czechoslovakia won Best Foreign Language Film for their entry The Shop On Main Street

The Eleanor Roosevelt Story won Best Documentary Feature

The Dot And The Line: A Romance In Lower Mathematics won Best Animated Short

To Be Alive own Best Documentary Short

The Chicken won Best Live Action Short

Thunderball won Best Special Effects

The Great Race won Best Sound Effects

The Sandpiper won Best Original Song (The Shadow Of Your Smile)

A Patch Of Blue won Best Supporting Actress

Cat Ballou won Best Actor

A Thousand Clowns won Best Supporting Actor

Ship Of Fools won 2 Academy Awards for Best Black and White Art Direction and Best Black and White Cinematography

Darling won 3 Academy Awards for Best Actress, Best Original Screenplay and Best Black and White Costume Design

Doctor Zhivago won 5 Academy Awards for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Original Score, Best Technicolor Art Direction, Best Technicolor Cinematography and Best Technicolor Costume Design

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The Sound Of Music won its 5 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Score Adaptation or Treatment, Best Sound Recording and Best Film Editing