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Parade of the Award Nominees (1932)

Walt Disney's Parade Of The Award Nominees shown at the banquet.

Wallace Beery and Frederic March recieving their best actor oscars from Conrad Nagel


Honoring movies released between August 1, 1931 and July 31, 1932, the ceremony was held at the The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles and Conrad Nagel was once again host. Walt Disney created a cartoon for the event entitled, Parade of the Award Nominees. He later recieved an Honorary Oscar for the creation of Mickey Mouse. This is the very first that the Oscars for Best Animated Short, Best Novelty Live Action Short, and Best Comedy Live Action Short were awarded. Wallace Beery and Frederic March came one vote of each other. According to the rules at the time, it counted as a tie. Despite protests from others, both men were the first to share the honor. 

Winners Synopsis[]

The Music Box won for Best Live Action Comedy Short

Flowers And Trees won for Best Animated Short

Wrestling Swordfish won for Best Live Action Novelty Short

Paramount Studios won for Best Sound Recording

Transatlantic won for Best Art Direction

Shanghai Express won for Best Cinematography

The Sin Of Madelon Claudet won for Best Actress

In addition to tying with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for Best Actor, The Champs also won for Best Story

Bad Girl won its 2 Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Screenplay

============AND FINALLY====================[]

Grand Hotel won for Best Picture (its sole nomination)