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Cavalcade, 1933 (The 6th Academy Awards) - Trailer HD

The trailer for Cavalcade

snapshot from animated short winner three little pigs


The ceremony was held at the Ambassador Hotel where Will Rogers hosted and presented all of the awards. For the last time, the Oscar's film eligibility period spread over 2 calender years, making it the longest time frame for which films were given a chance for a nom. Class II wards were given to Electrical Research Products, Inc and RCA Victor Company, Inc. for sound production work. The Class III award went to Fox, Fred Jackman and Warners, and Sidney Sanders and RKO for work in technologies of film projection and cinematography. It honored movies released between August 1, 1932 and July 31, 1933. When Will Rogers presented Best Director and when he opened the envelope, he said, "Come and get it Frank." Thinking he was the winner Frank Capra left his seat to collect his prize, but immediately found out that Rogers meant Frank Lloyd. 

Winner Synopsis[]

The winning Best Assistant Directors were: 

Charles Barton form Paramount, Charles Dorain from Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Fred Fox from United Artists, Gordon Hollingshead from Warner Bros., Rick James from Universal, Dewey Starkey from RKO, and William Tummel from Fox.

So This Is Harris won for Best Live Action Comedy Short

Krakatoa won for Best Live Action Novelty Short

Three Little Pigs won for Best Animated Short

Little Women won for Best Screenplay

One Way Passage won for Best Story

The Private Life Of Henry VIII won for Best Actor

On Morning Glory won for Best Actress

A Farewell To Arms won 2 Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Sound Recording

================== AND FINALLY ================================[]

Cavalcade won 3 Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Art Direction